Under The Rug

2/9/2020 -

Some of the biggest, messiest problems you encounter are ones that you'll put off solving. It’s natural to ignore the symptoms and ignore the red flags. We like pretending everything is ok (or it’s too complicated to pursue) so we just move past it cover it up. In the fascinating and sometimes uncomfortable book of 1 Corinthians - . God lifts up the rug and uncovers some of the things we’d like to cover up forget about --> God just deals with them. He picks up the rock and looks at all the slimy things underneath – God doesn’t seem to be afraid of cans of worms. 

And I’m excited for this series because even though it might be awkward it has the potential to change a lot of us. To shake up what we think is normal, because we normally cover up things that might be real problems holding us back from what God has for us. And God has something better in mind.

In This Series

  1. Division - Under the Rug
  2. Conflict - Under the Rug
  3. Scandal - Under the Rug
  4. PRIDE - Under the Rug
  5. FEAR - Under The Rug