We're open - Join us THIS SUNDAY onsite, or online!  

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Nursery/PreK Reopening Plan-

Kids in Church


Combat Distancing with Social

"Our Doors are now open, but the Church" isn't a building, or a service, or a place. "The Church" is God's PEOPLE. together in any way possible. Here's how we can do that using some technology and other resources. God's people have a high calling, and we must rise to this occasion. Here are some tools in one place.  (you can find a lot of our normal webpagy stuff under /about)

Online Worship Services

We're able to have our normal worship services on Sundays at 9:30am using technology. We're broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube and Church Online. 

Worship Live

Make Online Connection

We may be apart, but most of us have working phone that make phone calls. We're encouraging people to call each other, pray for each other. If you have a church directory, check on folks you haven't seen in a while. Sign up for updates so you don't miss anything.

Learning/Family Resources

We're excited to make several online resources available. Among some other programs, Goshen Church has a FREE subscription for you to RightNowMedia. Don't waste your pandemic. Use this time to learn more about and strengthen your faith. 


Join a Virtual Bible Study

So picture this – once a week, you and a group of 10 people watch the same seminar, and then discuss it on a conference call or video chat? – We're doing it - with topic like marriage, parenting, contentment and more -  What if in four weeks you had closer friends and a better marriage?  Let's make it happen!


When we give it reminds us that everything we have is a gift from God. Generosity helps us to draw closer to Christ, and we encourage you to trust & worship God through your giving!  With our updated platform, you can give simply & securely in seconds! Give a single gift, or schedule a recurring gift using your checking account, debit, or credit card.

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FREE Health Clinic

Goshen Church is a location for CHCM's free medical clinics for uninsured patients.


Goshen Food Pantry

Let's help people in need and care for them, as God has given us.



A support group that helps people heal from the pain of grief. Starting up Saturday afternoons at 1pm starting on August 15th in the Goshen Christian School

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