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Sunday Morning Worship

First Time Visitor?
Come just as you are. Please check pages on website for any information that may make your visit more comfortable. (Child Programs, Handicap accessibility, hearing assist, etc). We’re a fairly friendly bunch so feel free to wander in and ask any questions you might have. Or contact us, we’d love to answer any questions. We hope that you can find and feel God’s love in a powerful way.


We share a parking lot with the Goshen Christian Preschool and the Goshen CRC’s Youth Center. Persons with limited mobility will find specially designated parking spaces in the rear and side entrance of the church. You may use the second driveway entrance to drop off or access the church elevator if unable to use stairs. Please notify an attendant so that they can run the elevator for you.

If you have hearing disabilities, please inform one of our ushers. They will ensure that you receive a state-of-the-art hearing device to make your worship experience more enjoyable

We LOVE kids!

We have fantastic programs for children during our morning service. Infants though PreK4 start off in our lower level in their classrooms where they will be cared for and taught about God’s love. Children from Kindergarten to 4th grade start off in worship with parents and then are dismissed after our musical worship set to Kids Church (“252”).

Worship Music

We have a diverse community that is united by our love for singing true things about God. We have a worship band, we have an organ, sometimes we’ll feature bells or an orchestra. But what is always true is our efforts at singing true things about God.

Main Campus Campus

Samuel Sutter
[email protected]
(845) 294-5817

Main Building

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