James: Joy in Trials

1/9/2024 -

The book of James is God's word to Christians going through trials of many kinds. We're listening and learning how to find joy, stability, and making things better even in the worst times as true faith stands firm on the good news of the gospel. 

In This Series

  1. Do Whatever He Tells You
  2. A Renewed Vision of Jesus
  3. What To Do in Suffering
  4. Rooted and Grounded
  5. How To Act in Trials
  6. When Suffering Changes Perceptions
  7. Trial- Tested Faith
  8. Your Words and Faith
  9. Words, Worship and Trials
  10. When Suffering Paralyzes
  11. The Wrong King
  12. Easter Sermon By Jesus
  13. A Time to Mourn
  14. Until the Coming of the Lord
  15. Prayer in Suffering