Answers by our Friendship Club- 2018

“Family” ~Mario

“Remembering HIM on that day.” ~Emily

“Remembering the sacrifice the son made to save our mortal souls.” ~Scott

“Remembering the man in the crowd who helped HIM carry the cross.” ~Linda

“Family and cousins.” ~Chris

“Being with family and making cupcakes for them. Good Friday when He passed away and Easter morning when He rises.” ~Kim

The Friendship Club loves a yummy holiday treat, a fun craft, and spending time with family and friends! While we all love those parts of Easter, this month we are learning about the BEST reason to celebrate! We started out by learning about the perfect world that God created, a world free from trials. A world that looks a lot different from the place where we live now! Like many of you, the members of the Friendship Club experience frequent pain, anxiety, fear, illness, sadness, grief, and loneliness. We learned that unfortunately, Adam and Eve believed the lie that they could be happy apart from God which resulted in our world filled with sin. We also learned that God had a plan to rescue us, to bring us back to him, a plan with a hero whose name is Jesus! We ended our last group by focusing on Jesus, the rescuer and the one who walks with us in our good days and in our bad days. We will continue to learn to have HOPE and each week we sing, because of what Jesus did on Easter, “through it all my eyes are on You and it is well with my soul.”


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For the last 6 years we've collected devotional thought for Holy Week from attendees at Goshen Church. This year, we looked back on some of these testimonies to Faith and want to send them to you as a testament to God's faithfulness. - I hope these are a source of JOY and encouragement to you.

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