Spanish Church Update (en)

We have been shook.

We started December between shakes. A terrible blast of COVID 19 came to us, in its Omicron variant and some of our members could be exposed or infected. Because of this, preventively, we saw our brothers' attendance at the group decrease.

The news on this matter in New York State has not been encouraging. The highest infections are reported in relation to other places in the nation. With everything and our fear, we continue our work and ministry with the full certainty that God protects and guards us from all evil, and we remain ready to bring His Word of encouragement, encouragement and comfort.

We continue to feel His favor

This December had another angle. On the one hand, it was the gust that staggered us, but on the other hand, we also saw God's favor. This unmerited favor from God became visible when new people joined our studies and we began to meet others. Likewise, we had others, interested in knowing who we are and what we believe in via the internet. Little by little, and with a very firm step, we saw our group grow. God has continued to amaze us with the opportunities to serve Him in this community.

Looking forward

So this far, we have to say “Eben Ezer,” up to point Jehovah helped us, ”for our projections have been far exceeded by the grace of God. We imagine and believe that what is to come is even more extraordinary. First, we are sure to continue in the direction we are going; we need to make some adjustments; one of them is to place a sign at the entrance of our building that is easy for our future members to identify and that indicates our activities and schedules. All of this is in line with the goal of reaching 25 people by the end of January, which implies intensifying the invitations to our Bible study.


Latent challenges

The biggest challenge is numerical growth and then promote your spiritual growth. We need to continue making different contacts with the community. We know that God will open the doors to where He is already working hearts; so, we just have to be there attentive to his voice and ready to act on his behalf.

Another latent challenge is to be able to respond to the transcendent need to have a person to help us with the musical accompaniment oriented to praise our God. A last challenge discovered is to attend to the infantile biblical teaching of our children, for which we require a teacher who knows the Word.


Prayer Requests

  • By Pastor Gilbert Varela and the group of leaders: God keep you, give you health, wisdom, and strength.
  • For the following new contacts in the community.
  • For the January activities, may God use them for the expansion of the Kingdom.
  • Due to the continuous qualitative and quantitative growth of the BIBLICAL STUDY GROUP. May God surprise us with new people.