January 2022 Faith Promise


Faith Promise Partners January 2022 Update



Joshua & Emily Jiang (China – Resonate Global Missions)

  • Growing up a Christian, I thought it was a great privilege to know Christ and be included in His kingdom eternally. Yet, I never thought about how the gospel was made available to me. It was not until I went to college that I started to learn how Christianity was brought into China by the many brave missionaries from the West. It was through their relentless prayers and diligent work that the gospel was brought to China despite the many challenges and obstacles. A few years ago, I came across missionary Jimmy, the great great grandson of James Taylor, the well-known Western missionary who blessed millions of Chinese Christians. Jimmy shared about how while he was visiting his hometown Barnsley England, a pastor of a small local church came to Jimmy and told him this, 'a hundred and fifty years ago, we sent the son of Barnsley to China as a missionary, but now can you ask the Chinese Christians to send missionaries here?' This is a shocking story that kindled my passion for mission work because it's time to motivate the Chinese Christians to join mission work. This story serves to show the constant and ever changing need for missions and missionaries in every country. It is because of this that I believe Christians must always be intentional and diligent with the spreading of God's word.
  • I wish to be the catalyst that connects church leaders in China and shares with them the urgency to engage in missions globally. Through hosting Timothy Leadership Training (TLT), Educational Care (EC), and many other trainings as well as organizing minister retreats, I seek to equip the leaders and encourage them to unite the churches together to better serve God’s kingdom by doing mission and ministry together as a bigger church family. Mission mobilization: We will mobilize outreach teams from North America and South Korea to share the gospel and to broaden mission perspective. It will also give them an opportunity to visit biblical places and to learn the early church's mission spirit including Paul’s mission trip

Thanksgiving & Prayer Request:

  • We praise the Lord for the wonderful daughter He has blessed us with and we are immensely grateful to the generous support from the church families and individual donors. We can not say enough thanks to God and to all of you for all the love and care. We greatly appreciate the recurring donations which would greatly benefit our budgeting on the yearly basis.

1. Praise God for the grace, love and care He has given to His church body.

2. Pray for persecuted churches in China and the church leaders that are under pressure (government/pandemic)

3. We ask God to protect His churches to remain faithful to His word as the world is turning away from God while the enemies are tearing churches apart using lies and false teachings.

4. Pray for continual support from churches and individuals so we can be deployed soon to China.

5. Please pray for good physical strength for Emily and I as we take care of Annika so that we can still have energy to do church work and receive trainings that are import for the mission in China.





Christy & Zach Yoder (Wycliffe – Nigeria, W. Africa)

Zach is hoping to attend from the meeting in the mountains if the internet connectivity and meeting schedule allows.

Thank God:

  • For Bro. Adeoluwa's enthusiasm and initiative in the preparations for the April meetings
  • For an unplanned opportunity to meet with the leader of the meetings in the mountains next week
  • For Rev. Peter's insights into how churches in Nigeria work, and his support as we meet with mission and church leaders

Please pray:

  • For security clearance so both Zach and Peter can travel with another brother from the Nigerian Evangelical Missions Agency (NEMA) to the meetings in the mountains
  • For listening hearts, to hear the church leader's vision for their part in God's mission
  • For wisdom to know how to invite these church leaders to take up their part in leading Bible translation in Nigeria.



Andrew & Grace Goyzueta (RUF At Davidson College)

Jan VanStaalduinen (Wycliffe – Dallas, TX)

Ray & Angie De Lange (East-West Ministries Int’l – Lake Forest, WA)

John & Grace Van Huizen (International Seafarers Ministry)

John & Jean VanHemert (International Seafarers Ministry)

Sound of Life Radio

Care Net Pregnancy Care Center

Christ Healthcare Center


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¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Lately it has struck me how amazing God’s providence is. Although God is sovereign, he uses human agents to carry out his will for our wellbeing, our salvation, and for the good of his world. He is the ultimate orchestra director! Even though we are no longer in Mexico with Resonate, we thank you one last time for your final very generous gifts during all of 2021 for the sake of the gospel in Mexico. Thank you! --Rev. Ben and Amy Meyer and family, formerly with Resonate Global Mission, Mexico ([email protected])