February 2022 Faith Promise Update


Faith Promise Partners February 2022 Update


Ray & Angie De Lange (East-West Ministries Int’l – Lake Forest, WA)

  • Praise God that He is our Good Shepherd who leads us beside quiet waters and makes us lie down in green pastures.
  • Praise God for the way He provides for His people and advances His kingdom.
  • Please pray for grace for us, especially the kids, as we spend the next few months visiting supporting churches in the US, preparing our home in Vancouver for rental, saying goodbyes, and finding a place to live in the UK, all while assuming our new roles at Pars.



Christy & Zach Yoder (Wycliffe – Nigeria, W. Africa)

Praise:   Thank God (first three points from prayer requests last month)

  • For security clearance so both Zach and Peter can travel with another brother from the Nigerian Evangelical Missions Agency (NEMA) to the meetings in the mountains
    • We did get security clearance and Peter traveled.  Thank God for a fruitful and safe trip for him and Aku!
    • Zach did not travel, nor did the opportunity to meet with church leaders in Jos work out in the end.  Thank God for how the change in plans led to a chance for some much needed rest.
  • For listening hearts, to hear the church leader's vision for their part in God's mission
    • At a follow up meeting with one denomination, we heard their vision for Mission, Education and Health.  Praise God!  We reached a major milestone in preparing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) so we can help them achieve this vision through the languages of Nigeria!
  • For wisdom to know how to invite these church leaders to take up their part in leading Bible translation in Nigeria.
    • Thank God for phone numbers collected and phone calls to these leaders as we progress through this list!
  • In last month's prayer meeting, Christy was encouraged to "remember faith".  Through remembering she has found a lot of hope.
  • Acacia and Olivia have potty trained themselves!  It came as a surprise one day, and we are grateful!

     Please pray:

  • Zach is asking God for discernment as he prepares for our annual staff conference in March and meeting with a committee that helps advise him on strategy.  He also continues to join others in preparing for the April meeting with church leaders. Pray that our whole organization can have clear vision that guides the the day-to-day challenges we sometimes get bogged down in.
  • Christy is asking God for our children to grow
    • in understanding the world
    • their love for God
  • Daso is asking God for
    • focus and effective learning at school
    • visa, so she can join us as we hope to come for a visit this summer


Joshua & Emily (China – Resonate Global Missions)

Prayer Points:

  • We praise God for how blessed we have been to make great progress in our fundraising efforts. At the same time, we also thank the generous people and churches who have given to our mission.
  • We ask for prayers as we are approaching our fundraising goal and transitioning into preparations for our move to China. Acquiring passports and visas can be complicated, so we ask for prayers for a smooth and uneventful process.
  • We also ask that you prepare the hearts of the men and women in China for our mission. We pray for open hearts and minds that are eager to hear our message. Moreover, we also ask for prayers that Josh and I will be humble and learn from those around us.
  • Also, please continue to pray for our safety as we begin this move to China. The Chinese government is beginning to come down more heavily on Christian activity, so we would appreciate prayers as we negotiate complicated situations

Andrew & Grace Goyzueta (RUF At Davidson College)

  • Thank you so much for your faithful and generous support of RUF at Davidson College this past year! Because of you, we not only met, but exceeded our giving goals for 2021! This puts us in a wonderful position heading into the spring semester. I am especially excited to be able to give away lots of good books and Bibles to students, as well as to offer generous scholarships to attend RUF Summer Conference (SuCo) in May. 



Jan VanStaalduinen (Wycliffe – Dallas, TX)

John & Grace Van Huizen (International Seafarers Ministry)

John & Jean VanHemert (International Seafarers Ministry)

Sound of Life Radio

Care Net Pregnancy Care Center

Christ Healthcare Center


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