Faith Promise Update - April 2022

Faith Promise Partners April 2022 Update


Joshua & Emily (China – Resonate Global Missions)

  • We have never been reminded more than in this time that God is in control of our lives, not us. We can make all the plans we want, but ultimately, our lives are not our own. It is with this perspective in mind that we would like to inform everyone of a big change in our ministry.
  • As, you know, we had been diligently preparing for the move to China this summer, however, we (Emily & Annika) were unable to obtain family visas because all five Chinese embassies/ consulates in the US are still closed indefinitely (as they have since the beginning of Covid) due to the new large-scale lockdown in China. We were afraid something like this may happen given the current political climate in China. But this is not the end; when one door closes another door opens. These past few weeks, we have been praying and discussing our options with Resonate. Under the leadership at Resonate, we came up with this new plan: we will still be focusing on reaching out the Chinese, but we will now be located in Korea.
  • Obviously, this is a big change, however, both Josh and I are excited for the opportunities that await us in South Korea. Josh and I both feel called to help the Chinese churches, and we will continue to do so even with this move to Korea. Josh still plans to travel to China very often while maintaining Korea as our home base given the short distance between Korea and China (it is only a 2 hour flight). Not only is this necessary at the moment, but we also believe it is a wise decision for our family because of the increasing persecution in China and the great risk of imprisonment for Josh.
  •  In South Korea, Josh will help a Chinese immigrant church that is in need of a pastor. Korea, though the size of lower Michigan, has over 1.1million Chinese immigrant workers. These workers come to Korea with minimal education and as a result they work at construction sites, retail stores and factories, which presents a unique and yet urgent need for church fellowship. So, we plan to engage them as much as we can while in Korea. I (Emily) will also be teaching English/ Biblical study at a Christian school, and I am very excited about that opportunity. So, while we were initially disappointed with the changes, we know there is a purpose for everything God does. We are excited to see how God uses us in Korea!
  • In light of this change, we lament and grieve over the fact that living in China is no longer possible for the foreseeable future. Yet, we praise God for the new possibilities to still serve the underground churches and even more, to engage many more diaspora Chinese immigrants that need God’s love and care. We ask for your understanding and continual support in this wonderful and important ministry of God. May His name be lifted and glorified.

Ray & Angie De Lange (East-West Ministries Int’l – Lake Forest, WA)

            Prayer Request:

  • Praise God that He is giving us help and strength with our moving preparations. Please pray for travel mercies over the next few months.
  • Praise God for the opportunities He gives us to testify of Him.
  • Please pray for the man Ray wrote about, that he would find his meaning and purpose in Christ.
  • Please pray for God’s clear direction about housing and education decisions for our family in England.
  • Please pray especially for our kids in this transition

Christy & Zach Yoder (Wycliffe – Nigeria, W. Africa)

  • Thank God
    • Christy is feeling much better than last month!
    • Last month we asked you to pray for clear vision as we seek God's will in a major decision.  While the decision itself remained foggy right up to when Zach needed to make it, together we felt encouraged by a clear call to remember the purpose of the program, God's provision, and the unity he gives us.
    • Our staff conference (Mar 31-Apr 1) went smoothly.  Last year Zach was exhausted by the end. This year, Zach asked for and got more help running it!  We feel we met the goals: spiritual refreshment, team building and input on key decisions.
  • Please pray:
    • For many church and mission leaders to come to the Missions and Bible Translation Consultation that several of our partners are hosting together.
    • For God to use this to bring Bible translation to many of the two hundred languages in Nigeria that still need it.
    • For unity and fellowship among the church, mission and Bible translation organization leaders



John & Grace Van Huizen (International Seafarers Ministry)

Andrew & Grace Goyzueta (RUF At Davidson College)

Jan VanStaalduinen (Wycliffe – Dallas, TX)

John & Jean VanHemert (International Seafarers Ministry)

Sound of Life Radio

Care Net Pregnancy Care Center

Christ Healthcare Center


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