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We need to talk about money. Because so much of our planning, worry, anxiety, happiness, joys intersect with choices you’ll make… about money. Your ability to make wise decisions about money affect your happiness, fears, and your ability to live in to what you want to do. And if you can make even slightly better choices about your money, you’ll be able to have a better life.

Order of Worship – February 5th     

Countdown:  Psalm 95
Opening Song:   All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
Welcome & Opening Prayer: Mr. Adam Vitoulis
           Call to Worship: Psalm 18: 24-28– Ms. Kelsie Doller
Song: The Way (New Horizons)
Song: Your Great Name
Mutual Greeting (252 Kids Dismissed to Class)
Announcements: Missions Report: Natalie Toro & Chance Haley
Offertory: Rhythms of Grace
Message: Wisdom and Money: Part 2 Rev. Samuel Sutter
Closing Song: Filled With Glory
Doxology: Filled With Glory

After the worship service concludes youth (5th-9th grade) and adult Small Group/Sunday School are meeting in the school – All are welcomed to join us in the school gym for a time of fellowship and refreshment.

February Second Offerings:  12- All 4 Jesus (college ministry); 19- Faith Promise:  26-CHCM – Health Clinic

This Week

  • Tuesday, 7th – 10AM Coffee Break
  • Tuesday, 7th – 7:30pm The Bridge (Young Adults)
  • Wednesday, 8th – 7pm Council Meeting
  • Thursday, 9th – 7:30pm YOUTH GROUP
  • Friday, 10th – 6:30pm – Spanish Bible Study

Upcoming Events

  • February 14th – 7:00pm GEMS/CADETS
  • February 15th 7pm Prayer Meeting/Elders
  • February 22nd - Mens Dinner (Max Webers home)
  • March 1-2 – Classis Meeting
  • March 5th - Baptism of Carolynn Pepe presented by Sarah (and Adam)

Community Building: One of the ways our church shows God’s love is through community building. We want to help our church community form relationships that help them grow in their walk with Jesus. We have several small groups that meet regularly for study, prayer, and encouragement. We have a gym night planned and we will again be having a Pick 3 Dinner series. Sign up will be coming shortly. If anyone has an idea for a small group study or activity that will help grow community, please reach out to Lori DeBlock. We will help you with approvals, setting up dates, etc.

Goshen Christian Preschool is excited to announce another session of Mommy & Me! This program is designed for children (ages 20 months to 3 years old) accompanied by an adult as an opportunity to enjoy a meaningful time of interaction in the preschool environment. Wednesday mornings from 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. February 8,15 & March 1, 8. To receive an application or find out any additional information call the Goshen Christian School office at: 845-294-6365 or email [email protected]

Church Administrator: We’re hiring someone for a new church administrator position. If interested please contact Scott VDW or Pastor for details.

Goshen Church would like to welcome Luke Michael Born healthy on January 23rd, weighing in at 7lbs 10 oz. and 20.5 inches long. Congratulations to the parents, Anthony and Morgan! To help welcome this new little one we’ve placed a bassinet in the narthex to fill with diapers, wipes and other baby items. Welcome LUKE!!

Goshen Church would like to welcome Everly Kimborn healthy on February 2nd,  weighing in at 6lb 13 oz & 19.5” long. Congratulations to the parents, Taylor and Joey! To help welcome this new little one we’ve placed a table in the narthex to fill with diapers, wipes and other baby items. Welcome Everly!!

Adult Small Group Study – Right after morning worship in the school fireside room – Face to Face: The Gospels describe a number of encounters of first-century Jews and Gentiles with Jesus Christ. From the encounter with Nathaniel to the encounter with Pontius Pilate, the writers of the Gospels describe the varying reactions of people to this One who claimed the authority of God Himself. In Face to Face With Jesus, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks at what Scripture reveals about the character of Jesus through His encounters with specific men and women.

Free GIFT: Reading the Bible is one of the best ways to know God better. If you don’t have a copy of the Bible, we’d like to give you a copy free of charge to read and learn more about God. Look for the orange New Testaments in the back of the sanctuary.

Nursery Staff:

  • Feb 5th Amber Goudreau & Jessica DeVries
  • Feb 12th Jenn Beuerman & Girls
  • Feb 19th - Marcy Wade & Maria Vortsel
    Feb 26th -Anne Amels & Amanda Larsen

Coffee Hour:

  • Feb 5th  Mart & Ginny VanDerHeide/Dave & Lenore Knapp
  • Feb 12th Randy & Julie Wildschut/Mike & Terri VanPelt
  • Feb 19th John & Anne Amels/Justin & Britanni Gaucher
  • Feb 26th Betsy VDM / Vickie VDM/Rich & Heather DeVries

Church Announcements

Upcoming Events

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FREE Health Clinic

Goshen Church is a location for CHCM's free medical clinics for uninsured patients.


Goshen Food Pantry

Let's help people in need and care for them, as God has given us.



A support group that helps people heal from the pain of grief. Starting up Soon.