Kids Ministry - Reopening Plan

We Can't Wait!
We Can't Wait!

We're really excited to be able to start slowly reopening our Sunday kids programming. These last months have been really hard on families and kids with the worry, stress, and fear of 2020. A foundation of faith is needed now more than ever for kids and families. 

We're working extra hard to make Sunday mornings safe, simple and joyful. We have beautiful classrooms now equipped with MERV 13 filtration - it's what the State recommends for being safe indoors. And some wonderful teachers and aids ready to help.

Here are some of the things that have changed for Families:

  • We're setting up a ONE WAY flow for nursery/preK drop off. Please go downstairs through the stairs on the school side, exit up on the Youth Building Side.  (preferably one parent, instead of two downstairs at a time).
  • Kids will have their temperature taken before entering the classroom entrance. 
  • Parents can send a snack if they wish for their children only. There will be no sharing nor snacks provided by any group at this time.
  • Teachers/Aids will be wearing masks. Kids are not required to wear masks in the classroom - (but can at parents' discretion) 
  • We're asking families to: Preregister (below) and by so to agree to not send their kids to our programs if they have symptoms of any sickness. 

As complicated as it all seems, we've gotten used to some differences with programs as we start building back from this pandemic. Thank you for cooperating and we hope that our programs will help to build the faith, confidence and character of kids and families.