Kids Church - Week of July 12th (Week 2)

Parents - you're probably spending more time than maybe ever talking to your kids. - And I know, it's exhausting. But those conversations matter. What if you could use your time with your kids in this season to help them grow in their faith like never before. We want to help

Check it out - there's a teaching video (and the So & So Show) - and THREE downloadable PDF with ACTIVITIES (because we're all looking for things to do with our kids) Discussions (ways to start good conversations) and Some Bible Study ideas. 

It might not be as natural as dropping off your kids at our offline kids church - but it might be even more impactful. I'd encourage you to give it a shot! (starting now) 

This Week's Teaching Video

Kids Activity

Activity Guide:

Use this guide to help your family learn how we can have faith in God. First, watch this week’s video. Then follow up with the activity here! (click image above)


Conversation Guide

In the elementary school years, kids become equipped with the skills they need to discover more about faith, and they have an active imagination that leads them to ask questions about their world and what they experience. (click image above)

God Time

God Time

Spend some time in God's word. Find scripture passages, ideas of going deeper on what God's word teaches this week and more. (direct your child - click on link above)

The So & So Show