Mwaya and Munyiva Wa Kitavi are some of our missionaries in Africa they shared their ministry and scripture with us this morning. 

(from Resonate)


While Africa is the “heartland of Christianity”, spiritual immaturity is rampant due to a lack of well-trained leaders, poor teaching and preaching, and lack of scriptures. Our vision is to see transformed lives and communities through a holistic biblical world and life view.


Our mission is to pioneer the work of Resonate Global Mission in Eastern and Southern Africa. The goal is to empower and release others, enabling them to find their own fulfillment in using their gifts to serve the Lord.

We strengthen the local church in her mission in advancing the reigns of His Kingdom. We accomplish this mission through the “Big Five” approach:

  • Leadership Development: Close to 80% of church leaders in Sub-Sahara Africa have little or no theological training.  In partnership with the Timothy Leadership Training Institute, leaders are equipped with basic pastoral care, teaching, and stewardship.
  • Theological Education Development: In partnership with the local church, we assist in curriculum development, library development, and visiting lecturers.  We also facilitate Theological Education in Africa (TEA) Conferences.
  • Promote Christian Education Development: 45% of Africa’s population is 18 years old and under. We are partnering with existing Christian schools in building a quality program. We encourage the local churches to establish Christian Day schools. Through the Educational Care program, we equip teachers and administrators with a biblical worldview which enables them to teach and lead through the lens of faith thus integrating faith and learning. 
  • Church Planting: While Africa is now considered the most Christian continent on earth, there are millions who are unreached with the Gospel.  We support the local initiatives in planting churches among unreached people groups. In partnership with the local church, Resonate Global Mission seeks to plant churches among these unreached people groups.
  • Development of Regional Networking Centers: Where possible, Resonate Global Mission supports our partner theological institutions in developing Departments of Community Transformation, where courses in community development are taught. Most graduates from our partner theological schools work as tent makers. Community development skills help them in their pastorate.

Thank You

We praise God for His work around the world and the privilege of serving Him. Thank you for your prayers, generosity and support for our ministry with Resonate Global Mission. Together, by God’s grace, our efforts are transforming lives and communities worldwide. Thank you.