Faith Promise Partners October Update

Ben & Amy Meyer  (Church Planting in Guadalajara, Mexico)

  • On September 19th around 1:20 p.m., while working at my desk at home, I heard Amy say, “Did you feel that? There’s an earthquake!” I looked up from my laptop screen to see my window blinds swaying back and forth. Walking around the house, all of our light fixtures were swinging to and fro as well.
  • Within a few minutes we realized that a large earthquake had just taken place near Puebla, Mexico, about 415 miles to the southeast of our house in Guadalajara, precisely on the 32nd anniversary of the awful 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. Very quickly dozens of messages started to be sent on social media from the highly-populated cities of Mexico City, Puebla, and Cuernavaca. More than anything people were inquiring each other if they had heard yet from their loved ones in those areas.
  • We are glad to share that all Resonate Global Mission family members in Mexico City are fine (Pablo and Sheryl Canché and Daniel Gifford), and so far none of the staff of our denominational partners have notified us of injury or loss of life in their families. There are Multiplication Network church planters, however, that we have not heard from yet.
  • Together with you we lament the terrible suffering that has taken place in recent weeks in Mexico, the Caribbean, the southern United States, and Southeast Asia related to earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • We invite you to pray specifically for Mexico at this time:
  1. Pray for more survivors to be found quickly among the 42 people still missing (mostly children) at the Enrique Rebsamen school in Mexico City, as well as in dozens of other collapsed buildings and homes.
  2. Pray that the injured can receive care and treatment as quickly as possible despite power outages.
  3. Pray for the safety and endurance of rescue workers, including those who work as “moles” (those who crawl underneath the rubble looking for people needing help). Praise God for the thousands of citizens who are pitching in along with rescue workers to move rubble and bring in needed supplies.
  4. Pray that the church can show the love and compassion of Christ through their words and actions so that lasting hope can be found despite the devastation.
  5. Continue to pray for those who are mourning and rebuilding in Oaxaca and Chiapas after their earthquake trauma two weeks ago.
  • At this point in time we do not have a mechanism in place for you to give financially toward relief and reconstruction efforts in Mexico. As we are able, we will let you know.

Mwaya & Munyiva Wa Kitavi (East & South Africa)

This year we celebrated five years of hosting Theological Education in Africa (TEA) Conference and. Thank you for your financial support and prayers over the years. We had a great time of learning and interaction with leaders from across Africa and globally. The conference took place in Arusha, Tanzania, August 14-18, 2017. It was the biggest conference we had ever held since the inception of the TEA conference, five years ago. He conference brought together over At the end of the Conference, five hundred delegates from 16 Rev. Emmanuel Okwalinga, a countries, 59 denominations and 149 delegate who has attended the TEA churches from across Africa. We conferences regularly shared with crowned the conference with me the transformation that has awarding certificates to the occurred in his life and ministry. I delegates and cutting the cake in share with you, Emmanuel’s story. Celebration of the 5th TEA “I am grateful for inviting us to Conference Anniversary this year TEA Conference in Arusha. It was Indeed, our God has been faithful for truly an enriching mini s try the past ten years since we heeded opportunity to sit under gifted and to His call back to Africa! Skilled servants of the Lord like Prof Weima, Flip Buys, Dr Ron, Prof Ross Hastings and our very own Dr. Mwaya wa Kitavi. The TEA Conference, 2017 has challenged my ministry convictions, prayer life, and dependence on God and added to my knowledge and teaching practice. My perspective towards worship was changed and now I see all of my theology, ministry and relationship as worship.  “…for there is no theology without doxology.’ There is no knowledge of God without worship.” as Dr. Ron Mann would put it to us. The TEA Conference in ministry for his Name sake in the whole of Africa! Scenes from the TEA Conference offered me the chance to network with other ministries in Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Africa. I met likeminded teachers who taught us about preaching Christ in the Old Testament (OT) with great passion. I have always longed to sit in a class to test my knowledge on how all scripture points to Christ for a long time but had none to ably sit under. The TEA conference offered me an experience like that of Paul sitting under Peter, James, John and other lead Apostles to test his teaching. Like Paul my professors added to my Gospel knowledge. Thank you for rekindling my almost diminishing flame. I trust the Lord will make me

Istifanus Bahago (Christian Extension Services – Sierra Leone)


  • Please pray for the new media ministry of the CRC SL. For its success as well as its financial need. For a 1000 watts FM transmitter, as well as money to pay the monthly stipend of staffs and volunteers.
  • Continue prayers for the mudslide victims of August 14.
  • Pray for the forth coming general election in Sierra Leone as the main political parties will soon nominate their flag bearers.
  • Pray for the leadership of the CRC SL for wisdom to lead and be servant leaders.
  • September 22 is the official date for the opening/dedication of the radio station, pray for its success as well.
  • Pray for all our pastors and families in the various preaching centers.
  • Pray for our kids back in Nigeria.
  • Pray for Pastor Morris Sonnie and the progress of the work there.
  • Pray for continue tolerance in Sierra Leone. Recently a Muslim Preacher came from Saudi Arabia to preach in Freetown, he uses all kinds’ of abusive languages against Christians and Christianity. One pastor reacted in preaching against Islam in his Church in Freetown and it did not go down well with Some Muslims faithful. So there was tension in Freetown but the government was able to control the situation. Pray for Christian to have the heart of being patience even in the midst of provocation as the Bible teaches.

Jan VanStaalduinen (Wycliffe – Dallas, TX)

  • Thank you for your prayers! I’ve been in Ghana for three weeks, and the work on the Ghana Learning Project is going well. I am amazed at how much has been completed in such a short time.
  • My colleague, Angela, and I keep busy supervising a talented group of writers from 11 different language groups in Ghana. Their diligence and dedication to the task is encouraging. They produce more material each day than we have the time to edit, so this means late nights for us. They completed the material for Term 2 of Kindergarten last week, which is a week ahead of schedule. Since we are waiting for the Term 3 templates to be finalized, we have a few days this week to catch up on finalizing Term 2.  Once the writers start working on Term 3, we will be extra busy again trying to keep up with editing all they produce.
  • Keeping track of material produced in 11 different languages has its challenges, and there have been some hectic and stressful times over the past three weeks. But over all, the well thought out process that has been put in place seems to work well for both the writers and for us.
  • Please continue to pray for us over the next 4 weeks as we develop the material for Term 3 and do a final edit before sending the document to the printer. Pray also that these materials will enable Ghanaian children to become readers and encourage them to read the Scriptures in their language.

Ray & Angie De Lange (East-West Ministries Int’l – Lake Forest, WA) – Please Pray

  • Praise God for the many people who helped us with our move.
  • Praise God for a relatively easy transition from Seattle to Vancouver.
  • Please pray that God would help our kids adjust well to their new community and make good friends.
  • Please pray that God would open many doors for evangelism and discipleship among our target people group and use us for His glory!

John Van Huizen (International Seafarers Ministry) 

Christy & Zach Yoder   – (Wycliffe – Nigeria, W. Africa)

John & Jean VanHemert (International Seafarers Ministry)

Sound of Life Radio

Care Net Pregnancy Care Center

Jeremy Mulder (Restore Church Planter, North Haledon, NJ)

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