October 2021 Faith Promise

Faith Promise Partners October 2021 Update


Jan VanStaalduinen (Wycliffe – Dallas, TX)

  • I’ve experienced a lot of changes in the past few months. The end of July I moved to NC. The trip went well, and I’m settled in my new home. I am grateful for the beautiful house I’m renting, and I’m enjoying living in farm country with wide-open spaces and beautiful scenery all around me. I have also settled into a new routine of helping my parents a few hours each morning and working remotely on my SIL responsibilities the rest of the day. It took a little while to get into a routine, but working remotely is going well. I’m thankful for reliable internet, which allows me to attend meetings and webinars and connect with colleagues in the US and other parts of the world.
  • Since I have moved and now work remotely, some people have asked me what I do. I continue working with the International Literacy and Education Team (ILET). ILET functions as an advisory group to the International Literacy and Education Coordinator. In January 2021, the vacant position of International Literacy and Education Coordinator was filled. The position had been empty for several years and we are grateful that our colleague Diane Dekker accepted this role. She is doing a wonderful job giving leadership to the SIL Literacy and Education Department and bringing us together as we focus on literacy and education needs around the world.
  • ILET also functions as a support team for the Coordinator and for SIL and partner organization literacy and education specialists around the world. In this capacity, I have been involved in various editing projects. I have assisted the Coordinator in developing a new purpose statement for ILET and later worked on clarifying the wording and making final edits to the document. I also designed a Google site for the Literacy and Education Department. This site houses resources, publications and other helpful information. By accessing the site, literacy and education specialists have easy access to useful tools they need in their work.
  • When possible, ILET supports other departments within SIL International and Wycliffe Bible Translators. Recently I assisted the Scripture Engagement team by putting their Covid-19 book into the Bloom software and publishing it in the Bloom library. This book can now be accessed by people around the world and can be translated into whatever language necessary.
  • Currently I am supporting a colleague who is involved in training others who desire to work in literacy and education. Training is a significant part of literacy and education because we want to train others in this field to accelerate the work that needs to be done. My colleague is writing a paper on the best uses of supplementary materials in multilingual education reading programs. My role is to help her research the topic, provide content to write about and edit the final draft to make sure that the information is clear and accurate.
  • Thank you for supporting my Wycliffe ministry. I am grateful for you and covet your prayers as I help my parents and support the work of Bible translation through literacy and education.

Ray & Angie De Lange (East-West Ministries Int’l – Lake Forest, WA)

Prayer Request:

  • Praise God we were able to travel and visit family this summer.
  • Praise God for His work in Etel and her family, and please pray for their continued spiritual growth.
  • Please pray for our Seattle friends, that God would reassure them of His goodness and give them the faith to keep following Him.
  • Praise God for a very speedy recovery for Ray from his hip surgery.


Andrew & Grace Goyzueta    (RUF At Davidson College)

•    Thank you for supporting the ministry of RUF at Davidson! Our work reaching and equipping college students with the good news of Jesus would not be possible apart from your faithful prayers and support!

Prayer Request:

  • New students adjusting to life at Davidson, especially for them to make friends, find a church, and learn the rhythms of college life.
  •  RUF to be a safe place of genuine welcome & rest on Davidson's campus.
  • Endurance for Andrew and our student leaders, especially during the middle of the semester.
  • The Lord to bring loving, godly support staff to come alongside Andrew next year. 

Christy & Zach Yoder   – (Wycliffe – Nigeria, W. Africa)

What are we praying for?

  • Thank God:
    • For encouraging preparation for strategy meetings.
      • All the leaders of the 4-fold strategy met with Zach in preparation of the strategy meetings.
    • Clear specific answers to prayer from last month about grieving and grateful:
      • Christy and the girls have settled back into rhythms at home again in Nigeria (even though arrhythmia is still a thing)
      • In the midst of big challenges, Zach has had energy, and more importantly, a sense of God's presence.
    • Peace in Jos: Things feel back to normal, and the only curfew is at 10pm, when we're all home anyway!
  • Pray for:
  • Group annual retreat from Friday, the 15th to Tuesday, the 19th
    • That Zach will be able to really rest
    • That Christy, who's organizing the children's program, will have fresh ideas and organization to coordinate the children's team.
    • That the adults, looking at selections from Revelation, will be encouraged. 
    • That the children, studying Acts will understand their role in being the Kingdom establishing church
  • Pray for the Nya Huba language group who are recording the whole New Testament.
    • This is a six week process drawing to a close this week. May the team work well together in recording, and may God use his beautiful words to impact the Nya Huba speakers, many who have experienced significant trauma to experience God's healing.


Istifanus Bahago (Christian Extension Services – Sierra Leone)

John & Grace Van Huizen (International Seafarers Ministry)

John & Jean VanHemert (International Seafarers Ministry)

Sound of Life Radio

Care Net Pregnancy Care Center

Christ Healthcare Center

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